What To Know Before Building A Custom Home

If you have been thinking about building a custom home, there are a number of things you need to think about moving forward. You’ll definitely want to create a detailed plan that includes finding the right builder, establishing a construction timeline, determining when and how to put your present home up for sale and deciding where you’re going to stay if temporary housing is necessary. When it comes to sorting out these logistical matters, oftentimes a construction management company, like us, can help you. Everything from providing referrals for real estate agents to hiring architects and maintaining your home for years to come, RWB Construction Management can assist you from start to finish.

Finding the Right Custom Home Builder

When you’re thinking about a custom-built home, the first and most important step is finding a builder you can trust. This key decision will influence everything that comes afterward, including the timeframe for construction, the options you will have for customization and your final overall cost. Below are some tips to help locate the best builder to help you when building a custom home.

Determine Which Features You Want

Decide what you want to have in your home before you do anything else. By list your ideas prior to getting estimates from builders, you’ll have the most conducive consultation with each builder, as well as receive the most accurate estimate possible. This will ensure that you can tell the builder about what you want to be included and what materials you would like. All of these details – including the type, size, custom features and price range for your home – can help you determine which builder will be right for you.

Of course, you don’t need to have every fine detail ironed out, but a general idea of what you’re looking to achieve with the construction of your home is beneficial for your initial consultation. Otherwise, our team will help you find the right architect, interior designers, and other specialists, to assist you in ironing out many of these details.

Look for Good References

It may seem obvious, but you should check with everyone you know and with other people in your neighborhood about experiences they’ve had with builders. Builders themselves should be able to provide customer references as well as a portfolio of previous homes built (check out our Google reviews here!). In addition to ensuring you’ve found someone qualified to work with, it will also help you ensure you’ve selected a builder that knows the local building codes and has constructed homes similar to yours.

Do Not Just Select the Lowest Bidder

During your search for a custom home builder, you’ll likely contact more than one company to compare time and material. While you may receive a number of bids, don’t forget that the lowest bidder can also mean lower quality work and poor reliability. Often, it’s better to conduct your due diligence on the company and possibly spend extra to ensure you get a home to last you a lifetime.

Understand the Timeline for Building a Custom Home

Before making any final decisions, you’ll want to understand the timeline involved in building your new home. From breaking ground to final inspections, building the home of your dreams could take some time. On average, building a custom home can take seven months to more than a year. Overall, the size and complexity of your home will determine just exactly how long it will take to complete. At RWB Construction Management, we map out every aspect of the construction process to ensure a detailed timeline can be provided to you.

Your Home Building Budget

One of the most significant parts of buying or building a new home is your budget. The best approach is to arrive at a final price tag that’s well within your budget. This gives you a little room for expanding your costs since most custom-built homes generally come in a bit over the original estimate. Just as with your scheduling, preparing for the unexpected in your budget is a good idea. Some of the reasons new home construction goes over budget include:

  • Design Changes
  • Change in Materials Used
  • Landscaping Changes
  • The Unexpected

Selling Your Present Home

Depending on if you plan on listing your home or not, this is something you will want to put some thought into prior to your new home being completed. Since it can take a month or two or maybe longer for your current home to sell, it’s important to not only plan the layout of your new home but hire a real estate agent to list your current home.

Given the complexities of the building process, you might want to consider the services of a construction management company to help you achieve your dream when it comes to your new home. After all, building a custom home is a sizable investment. At RWB Construction Management, we have a decade worth of partnerships with top architects, real estate agents, interior designers and beyond to help bring your vision to fruition.

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