Understanding Estate Maintenance

No matter if you’ve recently built your home or have owned it for years, it’s always the right time to choose a professional and experienced estate maintenance team like RWB Construction Management to care for your residence.

With so much time and effort put into constructing, laying out, and designing your home, estate maintenance is the perfect way to maintain its prestige and structural integrity. Through our estate maintenance programs, you can expect your residence to be cared for as if it were our own.

What is included in estate maintenance?

Whether you need your home maintained throughout the year or just seasonally, our team of professionals and licensed subcontractors can provide you with exceptional services for your residence.

Each estate maintenance program will vary from the next, as we understand you have your own individual needs. Moreover, you can customize your estate maintenance program in whichever way you desire. However, many of the programs cover similar general amenities that we’d like to go over with you.

Grounds Upkeep

With grounds upkeep, you can expect a number of items to be cared for depending on the amenities you have chosen for your residence. Some of these may include:

  • landscape upkeep,
  • lawn care,
  • pressure cleaning driveways and/or roofs,
  • and maintaining the structural integrity of exterior structures. These may include docks, pillars, exterior lighting, outdoor bar or patio areas, and more.

Aquatics Maintenance

Through the aquatics maintenance that may be included in your program, you can rest assured that your pool and spa area are always ready for a relaxing swim. With this service, our team ensures all pumps and equipment are fully operational, as well as receives regular cleaning services.

Climate Control Care

Being in South Florida, we understand how essential it is to ensure your climate control units are also operational and properly maintained. For this reason, RWB Construction Management will schedule your air conditioning and refrigeration units to receive regular maintenance. This will ensure all units are running at optimal conditions throughout the year.

Additionally, we are more than happy to assist you in maintaining wine rooms, specialty refrigerators or ice machines, as well as other specialty refrigeration units that you may have at your residence.

Hurricane Preparedness

With many residences near the coastline here in South Florida, we understand how important it is to protect your assets during hurricanes and other natural disasters. This is why you will always find us hard at work ensuring your home and you are safe during these times.

Whether your home needs hurricane shutters put up or items put away to protect from the storm, we are here to safeguard your assets as best as possible from these natural disasters.

24/7 Emergency Services

For any emergency that may arise at your residence, RWB Construction Management is only one call away. Our team of professional subcontractors will work around the clock for you to remedy whatever may arise.

Specialty Services

Of course, we know many custom homes in South Florida have other amenities that may also need to be cared for. Whether this is an in-home theatre, billiard room, or other amenities not mentioned above, RWB Construction Management will ensure it is properly maintained for you.

Why choose RWB Construction Management for your estate maintenance?

We truly understand that each home is unique and requires much different upkeep than others. Because of this, none of our estate maintenance programs are identical to the next. Our team will conduct a walk-through of your residence to ensure each aspect of your estate is taken into consideration and cared for as needed.

Moreover, our team ensures your individual needs are met. Whether that means upkeeping your home on a monthly basis or only caring for certain areas of the home, while you care for the remainder, we are ready to customize an estate maintenance plan that is perfect for you and your estate.

With more than three decades of experience to back us up, we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our services. Being that we serve some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the greater Palm Beach area, we understand how hard you’ve worked to build the home of your dreams.

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