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Our Partners

We actively seek like-minded partners to grow and flourish with us. We love to share our success, and we want to evolve together.

Our Partners

We actively seek like-minded partners to grow and flourish with us. We love to share our success, and we want to evolve together.

Our Partners

Building Long-Lasting Synergistic Partnerships

We’ve built a strong reputation as a luxury custom home builder. Our expertise, consistency, and open communication make us a premier choice for homeowners and peers alike. Our partnerships are critical to our success. We build long-term relationships and turn our partners into family. As a family, we share in our successes to continue to grow and evolve. We remove egos to share this common goal.

Discover the possibilities of partnering with RWB Construction Management today.

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Become an Interior Decorating partner with RWB


We seek partnerships with realtors who represent clients interested in oceanfront estates. Our expertise includes building new custom homes, building luxury homes on speculation, and renovating posh estates. We have our finger on the pulse of the most exciting luxury estates in South Florida.

Our involvement in the turnover process offers us a unique position. We’re present for showings and listings. We support homeowners as they purchase and settle into their new homes. Other luxury construction companies can’t say this. In fact, in numerous cases, buyers noted our services were the deciding factor in their purchase.

For Realtors


We surround ourselves with the best subcontractors and vendors in the area. We’re always looking for qualified building professionals to partner with. We seek out those who look into the future and stay on the precipice of the latest technology. As a luxury custom homes builder, we offer our clients the best of the best. You can help us do that.

We’ve built a strong reputation in South Florida. When you mention our name to other contractors or companies, they’ll know who you’re talking about. Additionally, we prefer to build long-term relationships. When we work well together, we typically continue to work together.

For Subcontractors

Interior Designers

Interior designers are essential to apply character and finishing touches to our homes. We desire the talents of those who share our passion for head-turning, talked-about contemporary homes that exude elegance. We trust our designers to not only bring the visions of our clients to life, but to exceed their expectations. If you have the ability to make a house a home and make dream homes a reality, there may be a mutually beneficial partnership to discuss.

Our homes in South Florida are distinct and unmistakable. When you partner with us, you have the opportunity to collaborate on some of the most exciting projects in the world. We value your expertise and ability to create timeless elegance. With the right design, a home will never be out of style.

For Interior Designers


“Listing and marketing a high-end new construction property can be challenging, however, with Robert W. Burrage and his team at RWB Construction Management our experience was absolutely seamless...His contribution to the efforts of turning a potential Buyer to a happy homeowner was invaluable. We look forward to working with him on future projects.”

Martha W. Jolicoeur and Mark Norman — Douglas Elliman Real Estate