Our Quality Control Process

When it comes to quality control, there are no shortcuts or corners to cut, it is absolutely essential to review each aspect of your construction project from start to finish. By doing so, our team can ensure each milestone is successfully met, passes inspection, and is completed in on time. Most importantly though, that you are happy and your expectations are met throughout the project.

What is quality control?

To start, quality control is first and foremost ensuring your needs and wants are met, as our client. We value what your expectations are and want to ensure each and every one of them is met just as you’d like it to be.

Furthermore, it’s the inspection and supervision of the entire project. From choosing qualified personnel to passing final inspections, quality control is ingrained in each step of our construction management process.

What factors are addressed in your Quality Control Plan?

For our quality control plan, we first like to get a clear scope of the project, so that we can account for any special needs required. Because each project and client is vastly different from the next, it’s very important to us to ensure we fully understand your expectations and all factors that must be accounted for when devising a plan for quality control.

Of course, for those specialty and custom projects, we work closely with you and your advisors to ensure all aspects of the project have the proper control measures in place. However, there are many factors that remain the same for all projects we undertake, which are explained further below.


quality control processFirst and foremost, effective communication is key. Within the quality communication plan, you will find that it typically includes, but is not limited to:

  • A point of contact list
  • Routinely scheduled meetings
  • Accurate and consistent record keeping
  • Regular status reports

By ensuring these factors are in place, our team is easily able to set expectations and ensure they are met.

Project Manager & Project Superintendent

Another important factor in forming a comprehensive quality control plan is ensuring both a project manager and superintendent has been assigned to the project, and that they are qualified to manage the project successfully.

With RWB Construction Management, we have over a decade of experience in managing complex construction projects. Therefore, our Founder and CEO, Robert W. Burrage will be the lead project manager and will assign one of the company’s qualified superintendents to manage the day-to-day tasks of the construction project.

Learn more about our qualifications to manage your construction project here.


Now that we know who needs to be contacted for what, as well as who is managing the project, it’s time to ensure there is a solid plan in place for each subcontractor that will be onsite performing tasks to ensure the project is completed successfully.

With us, you will always be notified of all subcontractors on the job site. It’s important for us to always remain transparent with you. That is why, you will be provided with a full list of all subcontractors, as well as what they are at the job site to complete and their qualifications.

Material & Equipment

Along with each subcontractor, you will also be notified of the suppliers, who drop material and equipment off to the job site. Again, we want to ensure you remain “in the know” throughout the life of the construction project and beyond.

In addition to the suppliers, our team of professionals will also ensure that all material utilized on the job site is high-quality and qualified individuals are operating all equipment.


Throughout the life of the project, city and state building codes will always be at the forefront of our minds. By ensuring each item completed on your project meets the required standards, we can rest assured that:

  • inspections are scheduled on time,
  • a qualified team member is present during the inspection,
  • and that inspections are passed.

During the planning and strategizing for the project, you will be provided a detailed list of all inspections and tests that will be needed, as well as a timeline for each.


Lastly, with all construction projects, there is always a chance for mishaps to arise. Due to this, our quality control plan aims to identify potential problems before they become problems. Additionally, our team devises a plan of action for these potential hiccups to ensure they can be quickly resolved and the timeline remains on track for completion.

While the above quality control protocols are just the tip of the iceberg, it’s through these stringent protocols and procedures that our team of construction professionals can provide you with exactly what you want.

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