One Month in Business for RWB Construction Management, Inc.

August 1, 2018, marks one month in business for RWB Construction Management, Inc. founded by Robert W. Burrage. Standing tall and proud, somewhere between totally exhausted and infinitely inspired, we’re taking a moment to reflect on all that we’ve experienced during these recent weeks. As busy as we’ve been, what prevails as our finest measure of success is not what we’ve accomplished as a company, but what we have given back as individuals.

Through our ever-expanding relationship with the Place of Hope organization, we’ve had the opportunity to positively affect the lives of some very amazing people. Two such families needed more space and alterations in their homes to accommodate additional foster children. We were able to provide that needed support.

One of our welders, who is working on the construction of a school to replace the one destroyed in last year’s hurricane in the British Virgin Islands, has the coolest 14-year-old son. He requires continual neurological reengineering at the Barwis Methods Training Center to take on the challenges he faces with cerebral palsy. We were able to facilitate the resources and lift some of the burden.

In the eleventh hour of the adoption of a new-born, the system failed the awaiting foster parents and they were about to lose the little boy they so wanted in their lives. Robert stepped in and, personally, provided the means to a very happy beginning.

Remembering where we’ve come from, who we’ve met along the way, and how we can each make a difference is our source of inspiration. With Robert leading the way, guided by his generosity and love of family, we are all blessed to experience the joy of giving back.