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Stunning South Florida Home

Enjoy a tropical climate year-long in this spacious coastal home.

Enjoy a tropical climate year-long in this spacious coastal home.


RWB Construction Management teamed up with Marc Michaels Interior Design to envision this unique home.  The MMID philosophy, “difference in the details,” parallels the RWB vision and reflects the painstaking attention to individual elements, design, and service.  Every unique aspect of this home was designed to fulfill dreams and exceed expectations.


This spacious home boasts five beautiful bedrooms and nine and half luxurious bathrooms.  With approximately eleven thousand square feet of space, patrons enjoy an expansive and relaxing living environment.  This beautiful estate spans a lot size of nearly two acres.


Guests enjoy a tropical climate year-round, as much of the year is warm and frost is extremely rare. As is typical in the South Florida area, there are two basic seasons, a mild and dry winter and a hot and wet summer. Daily thundershowers are common in the hot season, though they are brief. Patrons enjoy a wide variety of tropical vegetation, including plants, trees, and flowers.


“I acknowledge that this is a herculean task that few sane men would take on. You and your team are rock stars, I mean that.”

Kate and Josh Littlefield