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Manalapan Beach House

Manalapan Beach House

Manalapan Beach House


Quietly nestled on a little slice of land off Florida’s beautiful eastern shoreline, the Town of Manalapan is a quaint and charming beach community. This thinly populated settlement was united in 1931 by Commodore Vanderbilt with the granting of a charter for the “Town of Manalapan.” Thought to be named after the North Eastern township of Manalapan, the town’s name means “Good Bread.”


This attractive little township is determined to follow the vision of its founders, who conceived Manalapan as a natural environment with a small population and elegant homes. Manalapan is known best known for its exceptional levels of service, precise development, and conservative approach to government. Essentially zero crime occurs in this area annually. Geographically, Manalapan is exceptional because the town is primarily water. Manalapan has a total area of just two and half square miles, with less than a half-mile being actual land.



"We are delighted to give a heartfelt recommendation to Robert and his team at RWB. Not only did Robert and his team complete the project in less time than we expected and within our budget, they were pleasant and helpful to work with. They were accessible and responsive. Their quality is outstanding and they had many good suggestions to improve our home. We would not hesitate to use RWB for another project."

Proud Owners of a RWB Home- 2020 Completion