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Immaculate Oceanfront Home

Discover a seaside paradise that celebrates ocean life and luxury.

Discover a seaside paradise that celebrates ocean life and luxury.


Designed by Architect Choeff Levy Fischman, this oceanfront work of art was engineered to assimilate with the sand and water surrounding it. This seaside paradise mansion includes an oceanfront high-tech office, five coastal bedrooms, a rooftop lounge with a beautiful view of the horizon, and beachside gourmet dining options. Every part of this design highlights the home’s marine environment. The inside of this home is accentuated by an exclusive color changing marine tank for translucent jellyfish. The interior includes lava sea blue counters imported from France and hand-blown glass sinks from Italy. Outside of this stunning ocean home, a cascading water wall and reflecting pool with shimmering water bridge highlight the entryway.


Built with a tropical modern feel, this five-bedroom, six-bathroom, nearly eight thousand square foot masterpiece, rises above the sea. This masterpiece is protected from the water by a hundred-year-old seawall. Builders poured over six hundred thousand pounds of concrete for this project and over thirteen miles of steel and cable were used in this build. This mansion stands twenty feet above the beach and is built to withstand one hundred and seventy mile per hour winds. The eight-hundred-pound glass doors can be easily pushed with one hand into the walls, instantly opening the house to the outside world. Both stories of the ocean-facing side of the house are comprised of a series of massive twelve-foot sliding doors that can retreat into the wall, opening the house entirely to the pool deck and the ocean below. The top story of this home is a fully equipped rooftop deck, with commanding ocean vistas and piped-in music.


This beautiful beachside home encompasses and celebrates ocean life and luxury. The master suite is over twelve hundred square feet and sits thirty-one feet above sea level. Guest have a beautiful view of the sea from any level of the home. Inside, visitors can ride the three-story ocean view glass elevator, or take the half million dollar the single-spine floating mahogany staircase. Company enjoys a wine room, gorgeous bar, and a one of a kind marine aquarium for translucent jellyfish. Outside, guests might enjoy breathtaking views from a rooftop lounge that stands forty-four feet above sea level. They also have access to a disappearing-edge resort-style fifty-foot pool, and two full outside gourmet kitchens. This luxury oceanside mansion was made for the South Florida lifestyle enthusiast.


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Pascal & Antonio Liguori Brokers Associates, Premier Estate Properties