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Silvia's Project

RWB continues to help local foster families thrive.

RWB continues to help local foster families thrive.


A family man himself, Robert has tried to instill the work ethic and values he’s learned to the next generation. One way he shares his vision is by helping local foster families from The Place of Hope with their expanding homes and properties. Over the years, Robert has provided a variety of services to help these families with their homes, including fixes, remodels, and even holiday presents for the kids.


“One thing bigger than Robert’s personality is his heart. He was a stranger to us just a few years ago, and now we love him as family. The gifts he’s given us have been amazing and appreciated, but what I love most about him is his willingness to open his heart.” -Foster Mom


“I acknowledge that this is a herculean task that few sane men would take on. You and your team are rock stars, I mean that.”

Kate and Josh Littlefield