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Luxurious Oceanside Mansion

Enjoy an oceanfront view and luxurious designs with this beautiful oceanside estate.

Enjoy an oceanfront view and luxurious designs with this beautiful oceanside estate.


RWB Construction Management teamed up with Marc Michaels Interior Design with to create this unique home masterpiece.  The MMID philosophy, “difference in the details,” parallels the RWB vision and reflects the painstaking attention to individual elements, design, and service.  Every unique aspect of this mansion was designed to fulfill dreams and exceed expectations.


RWB construction Management worked with architects, The Benedict Group to create this unique work of art. With their individual focus on residential designs, the Benedict Group is an award winning architecture firm specializing in beachfront builds. This estate was built to highlight the beautiful oceanfront views from all levels.



With over twenty thousand feet of living space, this seaside mansion is a dream come true.  Guests enjoy beautiful ocean scenery and unparalleled comfort alongside one of Florida’s premier beaches.  Live life to its fullest in this unique beachfront estate.












"We work with clients who expect nothing less than the extraordinary. For that reason, Robert Burrage’s team at RWB Construction easily comes to mind. RWB’s exceptional attention to detail, artful craftsmanship, superior finishings and material selections exceeds clients’ expectations. Additionally, RWB has remarkable knowledge and experience in challenges that attend waterfront construction making them the builder of choice for new ultra-luxury construction or renovation home. "

Pascal & Antonio Liguori Brokers Associates, Premier Estate Properties