Estate Maintenance: How We Ensure Your Home is Hurricane Ready

Let’s face it: we do not always have full control over everything that happens around us or our homes. As much as we would like to keep hurricanes from occurring, we have not yet found a way to stop them completely. However, with the help of RWB Construction Management, you can be as prepared as possible in the event of a hurricane. While you might not be able to stop the disaster, you can minimize damage to your property and perhaps even avoid it entirely. 

Why Estate Maintenance is Important 

Estate maintenance helps keep the property prepared in case of a storm. With hurricane season well-underway in South Florida, it is crucial that your home is taken care of. Damage from hurricanes can cause you to have to replace and re-do many areas in your home, spend tremendous amounts of money and, in a worst-case scenario, have your home destroyed entirely. Fortunately, with the right help, you can stay hurricane ready and side-step many of these challenges. 

How We Can Help 

RWB Construction Management’s estate maintenance programs are truly one of a kind; we provide the highest level of hurricane preparedness to make sure your home stays safe. In addition, we offer 24/7 emergency service and on-call any time you need us. When our services are first enlisted, we inspect your home and make sure we tailor our plans specifically to you. We will learn how much maintenance your home needs, which areas are most susceptible to the damage caused by hurricanes and any other individual needs your property may have. With this approach and 30 years of professional experience under our belt, we ensure that you have the best protection available. 

Securing your Home 

After running a thorough inspection of your home, we will have a ready-made plan to keep your home safe. Whether you need hurricane shutters, an emergency plan or any other necessary precautions, we leave no stones unturned. Our goal is to have you as ready as possible in the event of any destructive hurricanes so that when the storm ends, you can resume your life in a quick and stress-free manner. Moreover, we have all of the latest technology to keep you and your home safe. 

Basic Maintenance 

When preparing for hurricanes, it is good to make sure a home has clean gutters and that necessary repairs have been made. We help with these basic processes and put your home on the path to protection through our estate maintenance program. We will also keep you informed of various supplies you may need, for example, a generator in case your power goes out. Since each home is different, our experts will give you a detailed and personalized recommendation based on what your home needs. 

Reinforcing Your Garage Doors 

Another item taken into consideration during hurricane season under our estate maintenance places is ensuring your garage door is reinforced. By installing bolts on your garage doors, they are more likely to stay strong during a storm, which keeps your vehicles and many other personal items secure. Storms can cause destruction from a variety of directions and by bolting the doors you can keep them out of one of your home’s largest entryways. 

Securing Your Outdoor Furniture & Structures 

In addition to securing garage doors, we make sure porches, backyards, and other areas are properly-secured and hurricane ready. No matter what it may be that your home’s exterior needs, we can assist you. Because our company is technologically sound, we are able to provide these services without interrupting your daily life in any way. 

Trimming Your Trees & Other Landscaping 

Of course, hurricanes may also cause trees to fall. This dangerous problem can cause damage to homes, vehicles and even hurt innocent people. While we maintain your landscape throughout the year, we take extra care on this issue when a hurricane is present by keeping trees and shrubs trimmed. This saves you not only from falling trees but from flying limbs which can easily be blown off by the wind. 

Strapping Down the Roof 

One of the scariest and also most difficult problems hurricanes can cause is roof damage. Fixing roof damage is not easy and can be quite a costly endeavor. Strapping down the roof can help prevent damage and also helps to secure your roof to the rest of the home. 

General Preparation 

Because we have such a vast level of experience with hurricane preparedness at RWB Construction Management, we know how to walk you through the steps of dealing with these natural disasters and always incorporate these steps into our maintenance plans. Moreover, we can help keep the necessary areas around your home clean and know exactly what to look for. In doing this, we can run a full scan of your home and surrounding areas to make any special specifications, which, as always, will be tailored exactly for you. 

Post-Hurricane Recovery 

Recovering from a hurricane is often a process which takes time. However, we are committed to helping you not only through the storm but through its aftermath. With the highest level of professionalism and decades worth of partnerships, we are able to walk you through the complete recovery process. We will help with cleaning, rebuilding and fixing anything that may have been damaged during the storm so, you can rest easy knowing you are receiving the best construction services available.

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