Company Update from CEO & Founder: Proud Does Not Begin To Express

Proud does not begin to express, strongly enough, the emotion I feel for the RWB Team. In less than three months we have exceeded all expectations. We have grown as a team, as leaders, and as a company.

Our business in Palm Beach County is growing daily, with over 50,000 square feet of oceanfront property starting in January of 2019. Our coverage continues to expand, from Vero to Boca, and as far west as Wellington. Our team is involved in brokering deals on coastal property, building the teams and executing the projects from conception through completion for five developers, and bringing our private clients some of the most spectacular custom-to-suit oceanfront estates in the world. Additionally, our maintenance division/team is doing an amazing job on all levels and utilizing our newest fleet vehicle to its fullest potential.

The unthinkable was accomplished on the British Virgin Island, Virgin Gorda, with as many as 44 Americans on our team (on the Island) for up to 18-hour shifts, 6-7 days a week. We were able to accomplish where others had grossly failed. In three months we were able to completely turn over 10,000 square feet of school; (2) 5000 square foot oceanfront school buildings. The private, sole financial backing for this project (a long-term Palm Beach client) praised the RWB Team with accomplishing this “Herculean task that few sane men would take on”. We truly picked up the pieces where others had failed and accomplished something, I believe, no other firm would have been able to manage.

Exciting News: Our continued focus on creating a seamless/painless construction process has been further refined with the addition of our in-house Design Liaison Bruce T. Linthicum. Bruce’s talents bring another tool to the RWB Project Management Team that no other firm has. Our ability to work closely with some of the most talented design firms in the country, Mark Michaels Interior Design and Decorators Unlimited, is only improved upon with our most recent addition to the team.

Our team has donated upwards of $30,000.00 dollars in our first three months to local charities, stepped in and made a difference in many lives, and will continue to do so without hesitation.  Philanthropy will remain part of our organization’s drive, our desire to give back, and always remembering from where we came. We are truly blessed in our talent, and success; we have not been given these gifts by mistake, we will continue to give back!

The efforts that our project management, and administrative teams have put forth in the last few months will never be forgotten, and only continue to gain momentum. The drive and passion of our entire team shows through in everything we do. Thank you to my entire Team, The RWB TEAM!

-Robert W. Burrage