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Providing high quality construction to South Florida for over a decade.

RWB Construction is dedicated to always providing
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Robert Burrage | Founder of RWB Construction

About Robert

Robert W. Burrage, Founder and CEO of RWB Construction Management, Inc., spent his formative years in Massachusetts, Texas and South Florida. Graduation was followed by four years in the service, training as a Network Engineer in the United States Marine Corps. During this time, Robert received formal recognition through numerous Certificates of Commendation and a Meritorious Mast. His commanding officers repeatedly accredited project success to Robert’s superior performance and unrelenting perseverance in keeping with the highest tradition of the United States Marine Corps. After a tour overseas, Robert headed back to Florida to broaden his interests and continue his education. Studying and working, concurrently, Robert was gaining on-the-job experience with Dale Construction Corporation as he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. Over the past twelve years, Robert has gained invaluable experience while fine-tuning his managerial and leadership skills.

Robert’s direction over RWB Construction Management showcases his uniquely knowledgeable, hands-on style, while keeping the company in the forefront of the Luxury Estate Homes Custom Builder industry. Robert continues to evolve the business, always looking to the future and the next exciting projects.

Moving Forward

Envisioning the next logical step is one thing, while bringing it to fruition is the real deal. Luckily, it’s a natural process for Robert. In keeping with that, RWB Construction Management, Inc. and Robert W. Burrage and team, proudly introduce their pioneer progeny, R. Williams Development, Inc. This offspring entity will manage the spec home aspect of the business. The premier project is already underway and building momentum, having swiftly evolved from concept to manifestation.